In a City of Millions, There is a Lot of Beauty – New York
18×24 Oil on Canvas w/Floater Frame
2016-12 – 2017-01

My first day by myself, walking through Central Park and I thought I should sit on a bench and soak in the autumn air and colours. I glanced over to my left to see this couple walking on the path in from of me. The young girl was quietly walking beside the older woman and they were joined by the teddy bear between them. They passed by and I was smiling at this image when I thought I needed to share this amazing image that is happening within the hustle and bustle of New York. I pulled out my phone and snapped two or three photos of them while the sun sparkled through the yellow leaves of the trees.

This painting has been sold but I do have museum quality, archival prints and products available for purchase via Fine Art America.

Over the past few years, I started to time lapse film myself painting, the original Youtube video of me creating this painting can be found here: