2010-12 – Commissioned Painting by Cameron Dixon- Pet Portrait Painting – Riley

Riley the Cat
16×20 acrylic on canvas

Riley the cat was a painting that I will never forget, it was a Christmas gift and I found myself attempting to paint Riley while at our pet supplies store as I was running out of time. It worked out well in the end as I was able to complete the painting and also advertise locally that I offer this service. I can look at Riley’s eyes for minutes at a time, such beautiful eyes.

2009-12 – Commissioned Painting – Pet Portrait Painting – Beans

Beans the Dog
16 x 20 acrylic on canvas

Beans was my first painting experience for many years and the painting that had me push to continue creating commissioned pet portrait paintings. At this time I would roughly sketch out the image on the canvas and would work off of a scanned image printed out on a 8.5in x 11in piece of paper. Details would be specific to the quality of the original image/scan/print out, generally losing detail from every step. Here’s to Beans! Beans started a new realm in my painting and allowed me to paint more often and hone in on my skills.