Sunshine On A Rainy Day In New York
24×36 Oil on Canvas

I took this photo on one of my experiences of rain after moving to the Upper East Side in New York. I had brought my trusty Sony A6000 with a 16-70mm Zeiss lens on it just waiting for a moment to capture and remember my walk outside while it really poured down. The gutters were swooshing with immense amounts of water and the drains couldn’t keep up. My shoes were potentially more wet inside than out but these daisies reached out and grabbed me through a wrought iron fence. I paused and took a close up photo of one of the daisies, peered up from that photo to see that I had a curious man stop to see what I was doing. I then took a photo of the scene with him included in the background bokeh.
A moment I will never forget had to be painted.
I am using 1.75in high quality gallery stretched canvas with a floating frame via Gotrick

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Here is a recording of my painting. Original Youtube video can be found here: